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Since the first step is a phone conference two initial things you'll want to think about are what you want to accomplish with the video and who the intended audience is. We can talk through specifics like video length, location, the necessity for travel outside Indiana, travel-related costs, completion timeline, and what equipment will be necessary for the job. We’ll also be able to advise you on what video elements might be appropriate for your project.

Projects can require different types of equipment. We’ll suggest the equipment and resources that match the needs of your project. All of our cameras have 4K resolution capabilities but other things to consider are the number of cameras, additional crew, audio capabilities, lighting, aerial drone video, stabilization gimbals, etc.

Each project varies in what elements are needed so we’ll help you decide on the necessity of basic elements like interviews, narrated voiceover, scripting, transcription, music, motion graphics, etc.

Generally, we like the client to be involved in the script writing process if they choose but it’s not a necessity. Your involvement is up to you. Depending on the complexity of the script a writer may need to be contracted for the job.

Your comments, questions, and involvement are welcomed throughout the process.

Our services are billed on either half day or full day rates. Generally, if we can travel to a shoot location, set up, shoot, tear down, and return to our production facility in 4 hours or less we charge a half day rate. Anything over 4 hours is a full day up to 10 hours. Anything over 10 hours is billed at 1.5x.

After having an initial phone consultation with a client we will provide a full production estimate to include all of the necessary estimated costs. Our quotes show each cost, line by line so you can see the cost of each service we are recommending. Our goal is to be as accurate with the quote as possible so the final cost matches the estimated cost as closely as possible.

Yes, generally we require a deposit one-third of the total estimated production costs. The deposit is due prior to the first shoot day.

No, any project we create is available for whatever use you desire for however long. You also retain the rights to use the footage for any future projects at no extra cost as long as Jensen Productions does the production. We do not surrender any unedited footage to you.

Yes, you are more than welcome to sit through the editing process, but you are not required to do so. We will provide lower resolution previews throughout the editing process via download link for you to view at your convenience and provide feedback for any revisions you’d like.

Most of the work we do happens at the client’s place of business. We like to perform a location scout prior to each shoot to assess lighting, room acoustics, room size, etc. Once a location is chosen it is the responsibility of the client to tidy up the area before shooting. If it is necessary to move some small furniture to clear some space or accentuate the background we can do that the day of the shoot.

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